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A collection in Alpine is a group of folders, or in the case of news, of newsgroups. The idea of a collection is that you can group your folders according to the functions that they serve or their location or both.

The main collections of folders, are Incoming-Folders, which are used to receive new mail, which contains the INBOX folder, the Mail collection which contains folders like sent-mail, or saved-messages, and the News collection, which contains all the Usenet newsgroup that you are subscribed to. All these collections are described in more detail below.

Incoming-Folders - Information about Incoming-Folders.
Mail             - Information about the Mail collection.
News             - Information about the News collection.

How to Add a Collection

Adding collections is easy, just press M S L and you will be able to add one. Once you get to this screen press A to add a collection, and fill in the information. Here's an example:

Nickname : Anything
Server   :
Path     : /full/path/to/location/of/collection
View     :  

In some servers like Gmail you can leave the path empty, but if you want to see only folders under the [Gmail] directory, try setting the path to [[Gmail]/ (yes, two left square brackets). Another variation of this configuration is [[Google Mail]/, for those that need access to [Google Mail], rather than [Gmail]. Since version 2.0, you can avoid writing the double left square bracket, and simply write [Gmail]/ or [Google Mail]/ for the path.

The last field (View) must be left empty if you want to see all folders, but you can use it to restrict which folders in the collection you want to have displayed. You can add "archive", say, to display only folders that contain the string "archive" in it. You can also use the "*" wildcard for matching strings. For example

note also that case matters, so "S*" and "s*" match two different groups of folders.

The above instructions do not work for my server!

You are either using Cyrus or Courier. In this case, the Path field is tricky. In these servers folders are subfolders of INBOX, so sometimes you must define
Path : INBOX.
(note the trailing dot) and in some other opportunities
Path : INBOX/
If for some reason this does not work, then you will need to edit your .pinerc file and add directly there the following information:
folder-collections="Something here" {}INBOX.[]
folder-collections="Something here" {}INBOX/[]
One of them should work. (Note: in some browsers the display of the last two characters of the definitions of the folder collection looks like a rectangle. The last two characters are "[" and "]").
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