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All of the Above
Patch is available for versions: alpine 1.00 alpine 1.10 alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10 alpine 2.11 alpine 2.20 alpine 2.21 alpine 2.22 alpine 2.23 alpine 2.24 alpine 2.25 alpine 2.26
This patch integrates all the patches listed under the categories Most Popular, New Features and Bug Fixes.
The full list of patches integrated in this patch can be found in the file README.patches
If you want to add password file support, you will have to follow these directions.
You can get the latest version of Alpine (currently alpine-2.25) with the patch already applied (SHA256: a67aa0e57e66fbeab4aa95ac080353029f8c72e6959f9d55cab12f397017afe1). You can alternatively download the unpatched source code (SHA256: 658a150982f6740bb4128e6dd81188eaa1212ca0bf689b83c2093bb518ecf776).
Additionally, this patch creates a file called patchlevel in the source code, which will tell you the version of the patch that you are using, and when that patch was created. There is additionally a log file of when patches were updated, which might help you determine which changes have happened since you downloaded the last version of your all.patch and the current version of all.patch.
If you prefer to run PC-Alpine, you can download a compressed patched version of Alpine with LDAP support.

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