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Add new subcommands to the compose command
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.20 alpine 2.21 alpine 2.22 alpine 2.23 alpine 2.24 alpine 2.25 alpine 2.26
If you have enabled
[X] Alternate Compose Menu
then this patch will add two new subcommands to the compose command. Here are their descriptions:
  • S: If you are reading a message from a person, and you would like to compose a new message to that person, then this option will enter the address in the From: field of that message into the To: field of the new message. This allows you to start a fresh conversation with that person, without using the reply command, which might not always be the best way to start a conversation (thread) with another user. One of the main advantages of this approach is that is makes composing a message to a person faster than entering their address or nickname in the To: field.
  • M: If you are reading a message that was sent to a mailing list, this option will add the address of the mailing list in the To: field of your message. In many mailing lists, people are frowned upon if they reply to an old message to start a new message to the list. Using this option will start a new message (thread) in that mailing list.
These options are not available in case that the alternate composer menu is not enabled, as they slow down users to start composing a message.

Last Updated 18:41:01 MDT Thu Jun 02 2022.