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The purpose of this page is to distribute releases of Alpine, as well as to provide users with documentation on Alpine. All documentation needed to configure Alpine can be found in the binary, and this page may provide extra documentation. In any case, you are not required, nor encouraged to access this site to run Alpine. You can run Alpine in your computer without the need to ever visit this site. All documentation needed to configure Alpine can be found in the binary, and can be read by either pressing the "?" command or by pressing "^G" in Alpine. This site does not use cookies, runs javascript, or tracks you in any form.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to me. When you access this site a log is kept on the pages you visited. I have access to daily logs which are normally erased, and if I do not see them, I miss them. I must login to this site about twice a month, and I take a look at the site logs at that time. The logs record your IP address, the date and time when you made a request to the server, the exact request you made, the http status code received by your server, and the browser you used. When I read the logs, I only look at which pages people have accessed, and make a mental note about them, and I do not make any concerted effort to associate an IP address with a pattern of visits. This information is just for purposes of me knowing what pages users visited, and nothing more. I have had access to this information since March 2020, and no information previous to that time is available to me.
I also find it amusing to read the 404 errors. It shows people looking for newer versions of Alpine, and other plugins that do not exist. I try not to link to missing pages, but if I do, please report it to me so that I can fix it.
While I do not do anything to link you with your visit to this site, I do not know what my free web site provider does with this information. Continuing that idea, I do not know what your ISP does with this data either, and if you contact me, I do not know what my email service provider or your email service does with that information either. However, if you contact me, I will use that information to contact you back in case I need to, and I will only contact you in reference to the topic of your message. I will never ask you for passwords, or sensitive information that is not needed to debug an issue you might have found. I normally keep records of all messages that are sent to me and those that I send. I sometimes need to access those records to remind me of past issues and their solutions. If you would like me to delete records of my conversation with you, I will do so, but you must initiate that request.
Finally, rest assured that I will never sell or share information about your visit to this site, or the fact you contacted me, with anyone.

Latest Release Version 2.25

This version is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.
Version 2.25 includes several new features and bug fixes.

Additions include:

Bugs that have been addressed include:

In order to compile this source code you need OpenSSL version 1.0.0c or later. In addition, Alpine can be compiled with recent versions of LibreSSL.

In order to decompress use the command
tar -Jxf alpine-2.25.tar.xz

This page Copyright 2021 © Eduardo Chappa

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