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As announced in my news feed, this site is going away on December 15, 2006. I would like to thank the Department of Mathematics of the University of Washington for having provided this space for so many years. At present I do not have any plans to continue or discontinue writing patches for Pine or Alpine (if it ever comes out!), since I am preparing for the birth of my second daugther (December 1st) and am swamped with work. Thanks to everyone who has provided support and encouragement through the years.
In case you are not aware, there was a buffer overflow in Pine4.63, which allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code in your machine. This problem was fixed in version 4.64. Therefore you are encouraged to upgrade to version 4.64 as soon as possible. See the IDEFENSE advisory for more details.

Welcome! The purpose of this page is to offer a collection of patches for the mail and news program Pine, in order to add new or missing features or fix small bugs. Usual disclaimers about suitability for any purpose or any express guarantee apply. This means that you have to use these patches at your own risk. Having said that, I use and actively support most of the patches in this web page, see below.

In case you don't know what a patch is, or why you would care about one, read my FAQ on patches.

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Now we have made available updates of this web site via XML/RSS feeds at

All patches for Pine in this page are for version 4.64, but most of them are available for older versions also (click on each link below to find out if the patch that you are interested in is available for an older version of Pine). Also, there are many patches that are only available for older versions of Pine. The full list of old patches includes new features, bug/security fixes and contributed patches, is too long to include it here.

The following is a list of available patches. Click on a link in order to read the explanation of what the patch does and to download it.

  • Most Popular Patches
    • Maildir patch for Pine (more...)
    • Enhanced Fancy Thread Interface (more...)
    • Cygwin Version of Pine (more...)
    • Reflow, paint different quote levels and remove quoted text in Pine. Justify or delete paragraphs in Pico (more...)  [Cool]
    • Automatic notification of new mail in incoming folders (more...)
    • Use Pine to send e-mail from the command line (more...)
    • Define your own rules and make pine flexible! (more...)
    • Write accents in pine (more...)
  • New Features
    • Configure ignoring change in size of a message (more...)
    • Get the number of characters in a composed message (more...)
    • Send help links through e-mail (more...)
    • Build Pine with minimal disk space (more...)
    • Cancel opening a connection when pressing ^C (more...)
    • Get the quota report from an IMAP server (more...)
    • Select messages by the content of an arbitrary header (more...)
    • Paint special text in the body of the message in any custom color (more...)
    • Choose a role when composing a message from a mailto: link (more...)
    • Change your From Header without any effort! (more...)
    • Get the number of new messages upon opening a folder (more...)
    • New Menu for the Reply Command (more...)
    • Tab checks for new mail in cycles (more...)
    • Update the status line information (more...)
    • Reinsert the pattern in search (more...)
    • Delete Until the end of file (more...)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine ignore scores when sorting a folder (more...)
    • Fix a bug which makes Pine strip text when replying to a message with full headers mode on (more...)
    • Fix a bug which makes Pine not to quote messages in a reply (more...)
    • Fix a bug which makes Pine crash when you add a filter (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine not to return to a top level directory (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine crash when you edit an address in the composer (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine crash if you search from a LDAP server (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine not to give a warning if the Newsgroup header is present (more...)
    • Allow redirection of input for urls (more...)
  • Contributed Patches
    • Fix a bug that makes Pine send flowed text even when not requested (more...)
    • UTF-8 patch for Pine (more...)
  • All of the above :) (more...)
  • RPMS of these patches by Brian Bruns (external link)
  • Patches for older versions (more...)

If you need directions on how to apply a patch for Pine please read the FAQ. Please let me know any remarks you have about any patch for Pine in this page.
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