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All of the Above
Patch is available for versions: pine 4.10 pine 4.21 pine 4.30 pine 4.33 pine 4.40 pine 4.41 pine 4.42 pine 4.43 pine 4.44 pine 4.50 pine 4.51 pine 4.52 pine 4.53 pine 4.55 pine 4.56 pine 4.58 pine 4.60 pine 4.61 pine 4.62 pine 4.63 pine 4.64
Upgrade to version 4.63 If you are using the #mc/ collection please use the latest version of the patch.
This patch integrates all the patches listed under the categories Most Popular, New Features and Bug Fixes, including those that appear under More patches. The full list of patches integrated in this patch can be found in the file README.patches
If you want to add password file support, you will have to follow these directions.
If you do not wish to apply the patch or don't know how to to do that, you can get the latest version of Pine (currently Pine4.64) with the patch already applied. If you want the unpatched source code, simply get it from the Pine main site or any of its mirrors.
Notice that from version 4.21 up to 4.52 you still need to download the extra files rules.c and rules.h which can be found here. This restriction does not exist anymore, as these files have been integrated into the patch, as of Pine4.53.

Last Updated 22:35:45 PST Fri Nov 17 2006.