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Change the From header, with no extra configuration
Patch is available for versions:
pine 4.33 pine 4.40 pine 4.41 pine 4.42 pine 4.43 pine 4.44 pine 4.50 pine 4.51 pine 4.52 pine 4.53 pine 4.55 pine 4.56 pine 4.58 pine 4.60 pine 4.61 pine 4.62 pine 4.63 pine 4.64
This patch allows you to change the From header without you having to configure anything. The From header will always be available to you.
An additional configuration option return-path-uses-domain-name allows you to configure the way that the Return-Path header is set when sending a message. The default is that your Return-Path will be set using your From field, but if you enable this configuration option, then Pine will use your domain name and your username in that domain to set this header.
If you are just looking for a way to change your From header, remember that you can do it, without the need of applying this patch. All you need to do is add the From: header to your default-composer-hdrs and customized-hdrs variables, and a value to the header if necessary. If you are using an old version of Pine (< 4.21), you also need to edit your .pinerc file and add under feature-list "allow-changing-from".
This patch is intended for two different kind of people. On the one hand, those who feel that Pine should support this feature automatically, and those who support Pine in a large environment and do not want to be bothered answering the most frequently asked question about Pine.

Last Updated 19:44:33 PDT Wed Sep 28 2005.