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Build Pine with minimal disk space
Patch is available for version: pine 4.63 pine 4.64
This patch is only for "Unix" Pine and tries to build Pine with the minimal disk space possible. This is useful if you are running low on quota and need to build Pine from source.
This goal is not quite achieved, but something more or less equivalent is done. The first restriction is that you need to be able to unpack Pine. This requires about 24 MB of space, so the goal of the patch is to make you be able to build Pine using always less than this original size of space. This is accomplished by
  • Removing files that are not needed for compilaition, previous to starting the compilation.
  • Removing files that were needed at some stage during compilation, but are not needed during the build of Pine. In particular, we do not build any of the IMAP tools. If you want those, do not apply the patch.
  • When building Pine one went over the original size limit for building. In order to solve this problem, we replaced the compiler (say "gcc") by a compiler/remove command, which removes the ".c" files after the ".o" files are built. This is done by a script called "compiler" created by the patch. This script uses "gcc" as the default compiler, but it can be modified to use any compiler, by editing the compiler script and changing the value of the "CC" variable to the name of your compiler.
If you are building for linux, simply apply this patch and build Pine.
After you apply this patch and build Pine, you will obtain a copy of pico, pilot, rpdump, rpload and Pine. You can reduce their sizes more by stripping them (e.g. "strip pine" reduces Pine about 2 MB).
This patch is not included in the all of the above patch, but it can easily be added, as it will not cause any conflict.

Last Updated 20:16:49 PDT Wed Sep 28 2005.