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Get the number of new messages upon opening a folder
Patch is available for versions:
pine 4.21 pine 4.30 pine 4.31 pine 4.32 pine 4.33 pine 4.40 pine 4.41 pine 4.42 pine 4.43 pine 4.44 pine 4.50 pine 4.51 pine 4.52 pine 4.53 pine 4.55 pine 4.56 pine 4.58 pine 4.60 pine 4.61 pine 4.62 pine 4.63 pine 4.64
This patch changes the behavior of Pine when you enter a folder. If the patch is applied you will see the number of new messages in that folder/newsgroup, if any. This is important for people that sort their folders (by default) in a sorting order different than by Arrival, as this information allows you to decide if you should keep looking for new messages in the folder or not.
Explicitly, you would get a line like:
[Opened folder "INBOX" with 5 messages - 1 new]

The patch for version 4.62 has the additional feature that if a folder contains unseen messages, and you are using the IMAPSTATUS token in the index screen, then the number of recent (new) and unseen messages is printed, for example you would see
[Opened folder "lisa" with 5 messages - 1 new, 2 unseen]

Last Updated 14:00:09 PST Wed Feb 15 2006.