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Paint special text in the body of the message in any custom color
Patch is available for version: pine 4.58 pine 4.60 pine 4.61 pine 4.62 pine 4.63 pine 4.64
This patch allows you to see special text in different colors. This can be used in different ways, one can use it to emphasize important keywords in a message, or to erase offensive language.
In order to use this option, you must define the variable special-text-color, as a comma separated list of regular expressions (or simply text), that you want to have colored.
Additionally, you must define the variables special-text-foreground-color and special-text-background-color, which specify the colors in which the special text will be painted. Notice that this variable must be defined, since otherwise you will not see any difference in the painted text (the default is to paint this text as if it were normal text). These variables can be defined from the Kolor configuration screen (which can be reached by pressing M S K), and setting the variable Special-text Color.
When this patch is integrated with the all.patch, quote strings are ignored when painting special text, which is not the case when the patch is applied as an stand alone patch (and in fact, if you try to paint a ">" character using this patch, this will destroy painting of quoted text). I may add this functionality later
Here's an example of what this patch does. Say you want Pine to paint the word "love", then you could define special-text-color=love, and say you define that you want Pine to paint that text red, then the text
All we need is love
would look like
All we need is love
This link shows you an image how Pine looks when the word Pine has been painted in red. in a real message. Observe that Pine still recognizes quote levels correctly. This image shows the patch integrated with all.patch.

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