Help for Alpine

The purpose of this page is to answer commonly asked questions about Alpine and give advanced information related to these answers. The main point of this page is that much of the help that exists today about Alpine is not completely satisfactory in my opinion, in the sense that it lacks a more general view. In order to explain this, much of the help is written on the form of "how do I do this?", or as an explanation of a feature that already exists in Alpine.
This page takes a different approach to helping you improve your experience with Alpine. Instead of answering questions or explaining features, this page gives an in-depth description behind each screen and configuration option. I describe each screen, what configuration options relate to it, what are the advantages and disadvantages of setting them. I do also answer questions like "How do I?", but my main intention is to give you a full picture of what you can (and can not) do.
I will try to not to repeat information that can be found in some other places, although sometimes by the nature of this page, this can not be accomplished.
This page is growing, it will have lots of changes in the future, so if you have a suggestion I would love to read it. Just send me an e-mail.

How to Use this Page

That is a hard question, at this time there is no interdependency between these pages, so I guess you will have to read what you are interested in, and follow links to further information. Some care has been taken in putting all relevant information in a adequate place, so for example the information about "News" is under "Collection", because that is where you will find your News folders in Alpine.

Miscellaneous - All About General Configuration Options
Addressbook   - Everything you should know about your addressbook
Compiling     - Information about building Alpine from source.
Collections   - Information about collection of folders.
Drivers       - Information about drivers (folders and formats)
Maildrops     - Learn to Configure Maildrops
Filters       - How to set up filters and how they work.
Other         - How to set up hooks for folders and how they work.
Roles         - How to set up roles and how they work.
Scores        - How to set up Scores and how they work.
Commands      - The logic behind command names.